Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition is a state-level international photography event jointly hosted by China Photographers Association and Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The exhibition, which is held annually, is a city-themed comprehensive photography exhibition. It is a key project of Shenzhen Cultural Innovation and Development 2020 program, and Shenzhen has been trying to forge it into an international exchange platform of the art of photography and a new business card of the city’s culture.


The 4th Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “the exhibition”) will be held at Shenzhen in China in June of 2020. The exhibition is designed to promote worldwide exchanges, integration and development of the photographic culture by showcasing the photographic achievements and exhibiting the artistic exploration and findings made in recent years by photographers from different countries around the world. We now sincerely invite contributions to the exhibition from group and individual photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, from all parts of the world.


I. Time-line:

Deadline for Submission: 23:59 March 5,2020 (online submissions received after this deadline will not be processed)

Date of Selection: Late-March, 2020

Date of Publicity: Early-April, 2020

Date of Exhibition: June, 2020


II. Organizations

Hosts: China Photographers Association (CPA), Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Organizer: Shenzhen Photographers Association


III. Theme

Inheriting the general idea of the previous sessions of Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition which view and present the city as a living body, “City Forerunner” has been chosen as the theme of the fourth edition. With “City Posture”, “City Temperature” and “City Breath” as themes of the previous three sessions, it’s time to set the theme as “forerunner” for this city-themed exhibition. It is implementation of the guideline of the central government’s new positioning of Shenzhen as a demonstration pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics. Shenzhen is a forerunner in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, while Shenzhen photography has been a forerunner as well in the development of photography since reform and opening up.


IV. Rules

1. Under the theme of “City Forerunner”, the exhibition has two categories: documentary and artistic. Each entrant can choose to participate in one or more categories, but shall not enter the same work to different categories at the same time. Either a single or a portfolio is acceptable and will be deemed as “one entry”. A portfolio shall consist of 4-12 pictures. Each entrant can only submit no more than 4 entries (4 included) under each category. There are no restrictions on shooting equipment. All works shall be produced within the time period from 2014 to 2019.


2. Contribution methods: please go to the website of the CPA ( and click on the “Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition 2019” section. Or log on to the official website of the exhibition (, follow the instructions to register, fill up relevant information, and upload work. The exhibition only accepts digital files in JPEG format with the longest side no longer than 1,024 pixels.


Every image needs one unique caption. Captionless or “No Caption”-named images, works with automatically generated captions by cameras as well as images named only with numbers or symbols, will not be accepted. Each and every image in a portfolio needs to be marked with a unique caption. There shall be no caption and information about the entrant on the surface of the images, and no mention of his/her name or other ID details in the caption. In addition to the caption of each work, there should be a brief description (within 100 words, including time, place, and key points of the event).


3. The photo(s) submitted shall be independently and solely completed by the entrant. Any entrant shall ensure that he/she has the independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright for his/her works, and the works shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, including copyright, portraiture right, right of reputation, right of privacy, etc.


4. Photo(s) for the documentary category shall not be added or deleted on the original files. Appropriate adjustment on tone and brightness is acceptable, provided that any such editing does not compromise the authenticity and genuineness of the photo(s). Colored photo(s) can be converted to black and white (or monochrome) completely (not partially).


5. Using all or part of the images obtained from other people’s works through any technical methods is strictly prohibited. All the responsibilities should be on the entrant in case any dispute occurs as a result of violation of the foregoing.


6. Photos that portray or include inappropriate and/or offensive contents (including but not limited to those that may severely mislead the public cognition and those deceptive or contrary to laws, cultural and/or public morals, traditions and practices) are strictly prohibited and will be immediately disqualified.


7. Solemnly declared: the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entrant(s) as a result of copyright problems and other serious offenses. Violators, if already awarded, will be deprived of their certificates and the violations will be made public through media. If the violations are especially serious, the entrant(s) shall be banned from all future exhibitions organized by the CPA for two years or more.


8. Special note: entrants whose works are chosen for exhibition under the documentary category shall submit the original files (original digital files or negatives) for expert verification and exhibition photo printing. The negatives will be returned. The original images should be files taken with cameras, mobile phones, tablet devices or other photographic equipment without being processed by software. They shall also include complete original data such as camera information, shooting time and relevant parameters. Failure in providing the required original files within time granted will be deemed as a waiver of eligibility.


V. Category definition

1. Documentary: this category accepts works that objectively record social life, natural and ecological environment, as well as folk customs. News photography, special report photography, social documentary photography and natural documentary photography, etc. are all welcomed.


2. Artistic: this category accepts works that express aesthetic interest and depict the inner world. Photos may capture cultural landscape, folk customs, portrait, still life, as well as fauna and flora. With no limits placed on creation techniques, creative, conceptual and experimental images are all acceptable.


VI. Awards

1. A total of 120 works will be selected and put on exhibition, with 60 coming from the Documentary category and another 60 from the Artistic category. All the chosen entrants will be awarded with certificates.


2. Awards for Outstanding Organizers: a total of 10 groups and individuals who make remarkable contributions to this exhibition will be granted with the Awards for Outstanding Organizer.


The committee reserves the right to make proper adjustment to the above awards. Vacancies resulting from any disqualification of winners and finalists due to violations of the rules will not be filled.


VII. Judging

The committee will invite prestigious Chinese and foreign photographers to form a jury and review all the entries that comply with the contribution rules one by one following the principles of fairness and impartiality.


VIII. Related matters

1. Photo(s) chosen by the exhibition can work as application point for the membership of the CPA.


2. The results will be announced on for 7-day publicity in early April, 2020. A special mailbox will open for real-name reporting during the publicity. The final results will be announced on the CPA website and the affiliated media.


3. All the entrants whose works are shown at the exhibition will receive a picture album of the exhibition.


4. Upon entering the exhibition, entrants grant to the Organizers in copyright term the license to reproduce, publish, display, perform, and distribute online your photo for promotional events, without further compensation to entrants.


5. Submission of an entry constitutes agreement to these rules. Any breach of the rules will lead to the disqualification of the entrant.


6. The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation on this notice and the related matters of the exhibition.


7. Contact:

Organizing Committee of Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition 2020

Tel: 86-755-25583587

Fax: 86-755-82665813



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