Schedules And Arrangements
6.22 9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony at the main venue The Second floor platform of Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center
Series exhibitions at the main venue 6.20-6.23 Exhibition on Cellphone Photography The Second floor platform of Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center
Exhibition on Collected Works
Thematic Exhibition
Exhibition on the Photography Industry
Series exhibitions at the sub-venue 6.20-6.30 Tributes to Our Motherland
- Joint Exhibition of the Members of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen)
Artron Art Hall(Shenzhen)
Chinese Industry Chronicle
Worker · Farmer Photo Exhibition
Looking Back over the Past 40 Years·Answering the Calls of the New Era
-Works by the Top 10 Young Photographers from the 1st Top 10 Young Photographers Competition 
Shenzhen New Star Picture Company
Bombax Ceiba in Full Blossom
- Joint Exhibition of 8 Members of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen)
Highspeed Rail Station,Futian District,Shenzhen
6.01-6.15 Shadow and Light
- Exhibition on Black and White Photography 
"Shenzhen Gallery"Exhibition Hall,Shenzhen Book Mall,Central Walk
6.15-6.30 “Shenzhen, Same yet Different”
- Photo Exhibition on the Dramatic Changes of Shenzhen (Commemorating 40 years of reform and opening up)
"Shenzhen Gallery"Exhibition Hall,Shenzhen Book Mall,Central Walk
6.13-6.19 “The Light of Entrepreneurship”
- Photography Exhibition on Liu Dawei's Entrepreneur Portrait
Shenzhen Industrial Museum
6.18-6.23 Incredible: “Wink Cup” 2019 National Creative Photography Contest Photo Exhibition Shenzhen Luohu Art Gallery
6.20-6.30 Those Beautiful Moments - Shen Qiang Photo Exhibition Zone B,Shenzhen Art Museum
6.19-6.30 The Fiery Age - Ren Yongjian Lintong Documentary Photo Exhibition Bonsai Garden Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen Xianhu(Fairy Lake)Botanical Garden 
6.21-6.28 Yantian District Surrounded by Mountains and Seas - Dynamic Corps Second Floor Exhibition Hall,Culture Center,Yantian District,Shenzhen
6.23-7.27 A Roam of the Mind The Sea World Culture and Arts Center
6.20-6.28 One Century’s Images of Baoan
- Tour Exhibitions Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC 
B1 Exhibition Hall,Baoan District Library,Shenzhen
6.20-6.28 Award-winning Photo Exhibition of the 15th National “Youth Talent” Photography Contest Shenzhen Cultural Center
6.18-6.25 Hakka Humanities Photography Exhibition Gankeng Hakka Town(No.18,Jihua Street,Longgang District)
6.15-8.31 Establishment · Change
- Shenzhen Old Photos Exhibition on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC 
Maosheng Aristocratic Residence,Maosheng Road,Henggang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen
6.15-6.25 City · Keep Pace with the Times Art Gallery,2nd Floor,Xiangshan Art Museum,Shenzhen
6.19-6.25 Guarding Longhua Guanhu Lake Art Museum,Culture and Sports Center,Longhua District,Shenzhen
6.17-7.17 Keeping Pace with the Times - Images of Guangming District First Floor Exhibition Hall,Cultural Center of Guangming District,Shenzhen
6.25-7.01 Ocean and City Photography Exhibition Party and Mass Service Center,Dapeng New District,Shenzhen
6.20-7.20 New Era·New GBA·New Sailing
--Joint Exhibition of Photographers in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao
Leguan Art Museum,Zhuhai
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