Tributes to Our Motherland

- Joint Exhibition of the Members of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen)

Curator: Zhang Hui

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: Yachang Art Hall (Shenzhen)

Introduction: This exhibition, by the talented members of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen), aimed at picturing, chronicling and setting the tune for the new era, has selected photographs by entrepreneurs from all fields missioned with documenting, defining, in their own way, and displaying the new era, as in this year, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China coincides with the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen). This exhibition, as tributes to our great motherland upon her 70th birthday, is a showcase for entrepreneurs in the socialist society with Chinese characteristics, a new dimension added to the photography culture among Chinese entrepreneurs, and an eager attempt to disseminate and improve photography in enterprises, spread the essence of Chinese entrepreneurship and encourage greater contributions by Chinese entrepreneurs to the realizing of the Chinese Dream, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Tributes to Our Motherland!


Chinese Industry Chronicle

Curator: Mei Sheng

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: Yachang Art Hall ( Shenzhen)

Introduction: The Industry of China, having undergone almost a hundred years of ebbs and flows from the roaring machines adopted by the Chinese factories and enterprises in the Self-Strengthening Movement in the late Qing Dynasty and in the Republic of China to its fledgling years in the newly-founded People’s Republic of China, and then to its modern era after the adoption of the reform and opening-up policy, has left behind countless legacies, which are living witnesses to its history. Having combed through and dug deep into typical industrial projects in China and combined scholarship, historian perspective and artistic merit, the Industrial Culture Development Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans this exhibition, a chronicle of Chinese industry, mainly comprised of historic photos and photos in recent years.


Worker · Farmer

Curator: Wang Hui

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: Yachang Art Hall ( Shenzhen)

Introduction: The First Worker· Farmer Photography Exhibition, aimed at awarding  photographers excelling in the photography themed by Worker· Farmer, encourages artists in the new era to stay committed to a people-oriented approach as their way of creating, the socialist core value as their beacon, the Spirit of China as the essence of their works and the Chinese dream as the theme of their arts so as to create more fine arts for the Party, our motherland and the Chinese People.


Looking Back over the Past 40 Years· Answering the Calls of the New Era

-Works by the Top 10 Young Photographers from the 1st Top 10 Young Photographers Competition

Curator: Zeng Yi

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen New Star Picture Co., Ltd.

Introduction: The exhibits of this exhibition are from the Top 10 Young Photographers crowned by the First Top 10 Young Photographers Competition co-organized by the China Photographers Association and Shandong Oriental International Photographic Art Foundation. Most of the chosen 10 young photographers, after 26 years, are now in their 60s. Some are at important positions, leading photography efforts. Others, still at the front-line, with cameras in their hands, photograph the developments and changes of our times. These 10 photographers are Liu Zhankun, Li Qianguang, Wang Wenyang, Qiu Xiaoming, Guo Jianshe, Qian Han, Liu Kaiming, Liang Daming, Wang Jianjun, and Jiang Zhenqing.


Bombax Ceiba in Full Blossom

- Joint Exhibition of 8 Members of the Association of Entrepreneur Photography (Shenzhen)

Curator: Wang Hui

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: Highspeed Rail Station, Futian District, Shenzhen

Introduction: This exhibition, by altogether 8 photographers including Wang Chen, Ding Fuyuan, Zhu Keyong, Zeng Shiquan, Chen Junsheng, and Lu Weiyao, is centered on a 366-year-old Bombax Ceiba tree, which is in full blossom, at Humen township in Dongguan. These 8 photographers, all from the Association of Entrepreneur Photography, drawn by the heroic spirit of  the Bombax Ceiba tree, have been taking photos year after year despite of the heavy winds and  showering rains, photos that shows enchanting scenes in the rain and what is appealing about the tree.


Shadow and Light

- Exhibition on Black and White Photography

Curator: Zhong Guohua

Time: June 1-15, 2019

Venue: “Shenzhen Art Gallery” Exhibition Hall, Shenzhen Book Mall, Central Walk

Introduction: Photography exhibitions are lenses through which one can get to know about the times. An exhibition offering original exhibits based on traditional craft conveys how the photographers see photography. The large group of photographers in Shenzhen committed to the traditional black and white photography see silver halide and traditional photographic process as their unique way of creating and black and white photos as an expression of how they feel about the photography. They are trying to draw on the traditional photographic process in an attempt to revive the classic and reveal what is truly about photography and how to relate it to surrounding cultures. As in the works of those photographers, black and white photographic process and the concept of photography evidence each other in both contents or ways of photographing, they are seeking to redefining what is photography and what is truly significant about it based on the historic value unveiled about photography itself.


“Shenzhen, Same yet Different”

- Photo Exhibition on the Dramatic Changes of Shenzhen (Commemorating 40 years of reform and opening up)

Curator: Zhao Qing

Time: June 15-30, 2019

Venue: “Shenzhen Art Gallery” Exhibition Hall, Shenzhen Book Mall, Central Walk

Introduction: The year of 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and 2019 is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen. As a window for reform and opening up, Shenzhen has made remarkable achievements in economic and social development. Dramatic changes have taken place on this land along the South China Sea. Over 10 senior photographers from Shenzhen have been invited for the exhibition to select the precious pictures of Shenzhen's development that they have taken in the past, as well as the latest photos taken in the past two years. 50 old and new pictures taken at 25 scenes have been selected to reflect the great changes of Shenzhen in many angles, paying tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen City!


“The Light of Entrepreneurship”

- Photography Exhibition on Liu Dawei's Entrepreneur Portrait

Curator: Zhang Jingxuan

Time: June 13-19, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Industrial Museum

Introduction: With rich content and new media combined, this exhibition displays about 80 pictures of contemporary well-known entrepreneurs, introducing the legendary stories of entrepreneurs in a variety of forms. It aims at showing the image of Shenzhen as an innovative and entrepreneurial city, and the light of contemporary entrepreneurship of China.


Incredible: “Wink Cup” 2019 National Creative Photography Contest

Curator: Sun Chengyi

Time: June 20-30, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Luohu Art Museum

Introduction: A total of 108 award-winning and excellent works selected by the Photography Contest are exhibited. The creativity of these works comes from the basics of photography, from life and the great changes embodied in our time. Photographers use images to voice their insights into society, convey their ideas and attitudes towards the world.


Those Beautiful Moments - Chen Qiang Photo Exhibition

Curator: Zhang Yanfang

Time: June 20-30, 2019

Venue: Zone B, Shenzhen Art Museum

Introduction: This exhibition is a vivid epitome for the large quantities of cultural and scenery pictures taken by the photographer Chen Qiang over the past ten years, presenting the broad vision of a photographer. The exhibition is divided into five chapters of “Elegance of Great Artists”, “Black and Whiter Phantom”, “Charm Overseas”, “Art amid Sparkling Waves” and “The Painted Screen in the Palm”, representing the essence of work by Mr. Chen Qiang over many years. The exhibition has given a full display of the overall appearance and aesthetic taste of Mr. Chen Qiang’s photography.


The Fiery Age - Ren Yongjian Lintong Documentary Photo Exhibition

Curator: Liu Duixian

Time: June 19-30, 2019

Venue: Bonsai Garden Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen Xianhu (Fairy Lake) Botanical Garden

Introduction: This documentary photo exhibition displays a relatively complete set of images stored by Ren Yongjian, recording the construction, development and changes in rural areas at that time. The lens by Ren Yongjian witnessed the high spirit and enthusiasm of people in the “Fiery Age”, and the pictures taken by him also witnessed the earth-shaking upward changes that happened to our great motherland in that era. As a photographer, he used the camera to freeze many moments of that time into real, simple and natural images and reproduce real scenes of that era, leaving us many extremely precious historical images.


Yantian District Surrounded by Mountains and Seas - Dynamic Corps

Curator: Jiang Zuyi

Time: June 21-28, 2019

Venue: Second Floor Exhibition Hall, Cultural Center, Yantian District, Shenzhen

Introduction: The exhibition displays 100 works, among which there are 70 works about the Seventh Corps and 30 works about Yantian District. The works of the Seventh Corps reflect the morale of the Corps, the garrison mission, national unity, wonderful lives and the charming city. The works of Yantian District mainly reflect the local culture and history, and the mountains and seas scenery. The modern and internationalized coastal city culture forms a complementary contrast to the desert border culture. “Stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one.” The holding of this photo exhibition will be a process fostering cultural exchanges and mutual learning for continued progress. It is beneficial for promoting cultural prosperity in both places, and improving photography techniques of artists in both places. The huge difference in style allows both works to form a rewarding contrast, exuding brilliance in an intriguing manner.


Spiritual Wandering

Curator: Yang Yong

Time: June 23-July 27, 2019

Venue: The Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Introduction: The Third Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition 2019 is themed on “City - Breathing”, where the city is regarded as a platform for individuals to exist and live. The Nanshan District Parallel Exhibition, in response to the theme, witnesses and records the changes of city space, lives and history with visual images, demonstrating the metabolism and self-renewal of technologies and cities in contemporary times. Most of the participating artists once studied or worked in faraway cities or other places. During their migration, they were experiencing the impacts from different urban cultures and the exchanges and conflicts among different ideas, all of which are conveyed through photographic images. The audience are also able to wander across parallel time and spaces during their viewing process.


One C entury’s Images of Baoan

- Tour Exhibitions Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC and the 20th Anniversary of the Return of Macao

Curator: Wang Wenduo

Time: June 22-29, 2019

Venue: B1 Exhibition Hall, Baoan District Library, Shenzhen

Introduction: According to Xin’an County Records, “The county is surrounded by mountains and seas. There are countless fascinating scenes and places of interest within two hundred square li. The mountains are gracefully beautiful and large quantities of treasures are gathered here. So the old county was named Baoan (Treasure Center).” This is how Baoan County got its name, which is strong proof to its beauty. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Baoan has always been a pioneer in construction and production. In 1980, it became one of the first special economic zones for reform and opening up. In the past few decades, it has developed from a coastal fishing village to a world-renowned industrial city. The year of 2019 coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the 20th anniversary of the return of Macao. The organizers of this exhibition has launched a campaign to collect representative old pictures and new-look photos of Baoan in different periods of the past century, and cooperated with the China Photographers Association to hold tour exhibitions in Beijing, Macao and Baoan, as an effort to celebrate the two grand ceremonies, publicize the construction achievements of Baoan, and bring out Baoan’s new image in the new era. At the same time, through the cooperation and exchanges with the China Photographers Association, this exhibition is also intended to improve the artistic level and influence of local photographers.


Award-winning Photo Exhibition of the 15th National “Youth Talent Photography Contest

Curator: Su Weiming

Time: June 20-28, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Cultural Center

Introduction: Since its inception in 2005, the annual National “Youth Talent” Photography Contest for Young Workers in Shenzhen and Cultural and Sports Festival has been held for 14 years. It is the only national large-scale event among all the cultural and sports festivals. The exhibition, through the lens of images, is intended to reflect the work, study and living conditions of young people in all industries, and showcase the innovative, entrepreneurial and creative spirit of young workers who actively participate in the reform and opening up of the motherland. The works are rich in content and relevant to life.


Hakka Humanities Photography Exhibition

Curator: Zheng Liping, Li Zicai, Ling Haiying

Time: June 18-25, 2019

Venue: Gankeng Hakka Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Introduction: The Hakka culture is deep-rooted and runs a long history. The exhibition is set up in the century-old village Gankeng Hakka Town, one of the top ten Hakka ancient villages in Shenzhen, which plays an important role in further exploring the Hakka culture in Shenzhen. The works on display show Hakka’s local customs and varied Hakka folklore from multiple angles, presenting the infinite charm of Hakka culture. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Hakka cultural activities such as Kylin dancing, Hakka tea and fruit tasting and Hakka summer hat display were held, adding more Hakka cultural elements to the exhibition.


Establishment · Change

- Shenzhen Old Photos Exhibition on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC

Curator: Qin Junxiao

Time: June 1-August 15, 2019

Venue: Maosheng Aristocratic Residence, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Introduction: The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen City and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Longgang District. With sustained economic development, Shenzhen has undergone earth-shaking changes, rising from a small fishing village to a national key city of economic importance. This exhibition responds to the call of the Culture, Broadcast and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Longgang District for the “Shenzhen Old Photos Exhibition” celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Through the photos, the exhibition reveals the fast-changing Shenzhen in an all-round, real and vivid manner, reviews the development process of Shenzhen and interprets the happiness of Shenzhen.

Guarding Longhua

Curator: Liu Shirong

Time: June 19-25, 2019

Venue: Guanhu Lake Art Museum, Cultural and Sports Center, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Introduction: The works on display focus on two aspects: First, centering on the theme of “City Breath” of the Third Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition in 2019, it presents works related to the people, events, stories in the city; second, it displays the top-speed development of Longhua District since its establishment, as the District has undergone tremendous changes in social and economic development and urban construction. The works demonstrate the new look and new image of Longhua District through documentary and artistic approaches.


Keeping Pace with the Times - Images of Guangming District

Curator: Li Zheng

Time: June 17-July 17, 2019

Venue: First Floor Exhibition Hall, Cultural Center of Guangming District, Shenzhen

Introduction: The Guangming District Parallel Exhibition themed “Keeping pace with the times - Images of Guangming District” is divided into six topics including urban construction and humanity. This exhibition focuses on artistic creation around the reform and opening up theme. Works on display are local topics-based, supported by topics on areas outside the district. The exhibition is intended to facilitate photographic exchanges and cultural fusion between Guangming and areas outside the district.


Ocean and City Photography Exhibition

Curator: Li Jianqiang

Time: June 25-July 1, 2019

Venue: Dapeng Art Gallery, Party and Mass Service Center, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen

Introduction: Dapeng New District is located on the southeast of Shenzhen, surrounded by sea on three sides. The New district is characterized by such intangible cultural heritages as coastal defense culture, fishery culture, fishing village culture and Hakka culture. The exhibition showcases works by many photographers reflecting Dapeng cultures and landscapes, and it is intended to foster exchanges and fusion of photographic cultures and create a better environment for the development of photographic culture.



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