The main venue of the exhibition series

1.Exhibition on Cellphone Photography

There is enough space in the world for colors as different as the rainbow to shine ——Pablo Neruda 

There are different ways to present a photo, different tools to capture an image, and different challenges like exploration, experimentation and innovation. This is why it is a glorious mission to create visual art, and a bright future awaits those who can deliver visual impact. 

We are now witnessing a grand gathering of modern photographic equipment: state-of-the-art cameras like Leica, Hasselblad, Zeiss, Nikon and Canon and new-generation equipment like DJI, AEE and Tencent drones, Epson image output systems, and Eizo display devices. But cellphone is still the most used tool for photographing. With a cellphone in hand, everyone is a photographer. We can take pictures of the people and things around us whenever and wherever we want and record them as a way of showing our care for the city’s development and for the changes taking place around us. This exhibition showcases photos taken via cellphones and new media. It is a new experiment comprising of both experience and expertise. It is an alternative way to savor trend and fashion.

2.Exhibition on Collected Works. 

Poems and light are captured in photographs. In these images and in the light and shadow, we tell intimate stories and feel the never-ending charm of great artistic masterpiece. 

Photograph is a kind of visual language that transcends national, geographic and cultural differences. The Exhibition on Collected Works aims to explain a global vision and an up-to-date spirit in typical Shenzhen expressions. All the images are presented to highlight an open position and forward-looking perspective, set a stage for cultural and artistic works of different ethnic groups to improve and shine together, and tell a great story of “Chinese dream”. Through promoting exchanges and development of the art of photography, the exhibition will also enhance Shenzhen’s soft power.    

All the works on show here are selected from works collected worldwide after notices for contribution were put up on domestic and foreign media, websites and WeChat accounts. Of a total of almost 30,000 contributions from four continents, 18 countries and 34 provincial-level administrative units in China, only 139 works were selected to feature in the exhibition. The photographers of these selected works are all well-known names in the photographic world at home and abroad. They like to picture the city in their lenses, tell the dreams of the city-dwellers, and focus on the faces and spirits of the city. They excel in presenting the landscape of the world’s fashion capital, as well as the features and the temperature of this important new era.


3.Thematic Exhibition

I celebrate myself, and sing myself——Walt Whitman 

In the modern world, photography corresponds with multi-dimension. As a modern, international and innovation-driven city, Shenzhen has a new mission. When it connects the past with the present and breaks down barriers of time and space, talents of different eras could communicate, and wisdom and youth would be on full display. This exhibition aims to achieve this goal by bringing together diverse factors of nation, ethnicity, economy, culture, people and nature, with priority on the people-centered and cultural dimensions. To build a community of a shared future for all mankind is the trend of the times. Bearing in mind its modern and international features, the 2nd Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition is themed on “City·Temperature” and organized with collaboration of renowned photography groups, photographers and galleries at home and abroad. It looks forward to fully displaying a panorama of the global classic photographs and the latest photography modes.


4.Exhibition on the Photography Industry

In our way of perceiving this world, what is most interesting is not what we have shown, but what we choose to ignore.

Products of the photography industry, such as all kinds of photographic equipment, were designed to change the world. In the end, the world  changed them. The public noticed them and realized their poetic existence. 

We used to pretend to ignore it. 

The Exhibition on the Photography Industry invites 21 domestic and foreign companies to participate, and they will bring the latest photographic technology, equipment, books, and online and offline photography service products. 

Hi-tech products make the city more beautiful and photography is beautiful because of you! Let us look forward to being stunned and amazed by these sophisticated and cutting-edge technology!


5.Thematic Seminar&Lecture

 In a photographer’s eye, the midsummer sun makes a rhyme and the clear moon is a treat to the eye. When a satisfying work is achieved, all the splendidness is captured in one. Photography has made our life more beautiful and added youthful brilliance and warmth to this emerging city of Shenzhen! The lecturers on this podium are international masters of photography and well-known domestic photographers. Together with friends from the photography communities at home and abroad, they will shed lights on their insights of photography creation, expound on the new photography concept, and explore the ins and outs of photography. Through combining theory and practice and making good use of this high-end dialogue and interaction platform, the seminar enables experience-sharing among photographers, offers great inspiration to the general public interested in photography, and promotes exchanges, integration and development of photography art.


6.Parallel Exhibition in Branch Venues

The future of photography lies in the young people. Their ideas carry great significance. The young photographers living in countries along the “Belt and Road”are part of the landscape of the modern photography practice. “1+N”must be greater than “N”alone. We believe that the Main Venue will offer a stage for master photographers (contemporary artist) to demonstrate their days of youth, and Branch Venues will create opportunities for everyone (general public) to realize mass entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The young Xiang Yu started up, not from a very advantageous point, but from backward places (《Records of the Grand Historian》),and the fate for Zhuge Liang before his rise to fame was the same (《Longzhong Plan》). We fully believe that “if you come to Shenzhen, you will feel like a Shenzhener”, and “although this city is not your hometown, it is your home court”. Believe us when we say that these words are so true. 

The 2nd Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition sets up 26 branch venues to expand the brand coverage of the Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition and increase brand awareness. Visitors can watch multimedia exhibitions, try out new exhibition experiences, enjoy the latest creations of photographers through the integration of traditional technology with modern technology. The exhibition will also promote the communication, integration and development of the “Belt and Road” photography culture.


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